Project overview

DEVICE is an Erasmus Multilateral Projects funded by the European Commission within the Lifelong Learning Program.

DEVICE was launched on the 1st of October 2011 in response to a need recognized by the European Commission to help companies and academic research centres to focus on vulnerable generations from hardware to software, usability and user-centred design.

Project structure

Wp1: State of the art has the aim to collect research results and innovative practices on design for vulnerable generations and methodologies for involving children and elderly subjects in product design, defining research gaps and educational priorities.

Wp2: Competences portfolio aims at defining a portfolio of competences for products design for vulnerable generation. A training need analysis involving universities and enterprises belonging to the consortium, as well as students and professionals in design and related fields will be performed.

Wp3: Pilot educational programmes will develop Educational programmes and training material on design for vulnerable generations dedicated to students and professionals and will organize Pilot seminars and training sessions in enterprises and universities.

Wp4: Awards and impact multiplication aims to organize and present the "Vulnerable generation compliant award" and facilitate Knowledge Management of research results.

Wp5: Quality plan will built a quality plan to continuously evaluate the project results, their quality and the correspondence between these results and the actual users needs and requirements.

Wp6: Exploitation and sustainability will define a strategy to exploit in a sustainable way the results of DEVICE.

Wp7: Dissemination will elaborate and implement an integrated dissemination plan focused at specific target groups through selected communication channels.

Wp8: Project Management aims at ensuring project coordination between partners and for the liaison with the EC and the Device partners.

News and Events

  • Extended deadline for ID&A special issue!
    [05.28.2014] The deadline to submit a paper on ID&A special issue  on   "Design for children and older people - Educating the Next Generation of Designers" has been extended ...
    [02.22.2014] The first prize winner of DEVICE BEST PRACTISE AWARD  for design targeted at vulnerable generations - children and elderly people  is ” Developmentally Situated Des...
  • IDC2014 Workshop: Curriculum or Not
    [03.03.2014] IDC2014 Workshop: Curriculum or Not – Show Us How You Teach Interaction Design and Children!  The workshop will be held during Interaction Design and Children 2014 confe...

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DEsign for Vulnerable generatIons: Children and Elderly

Project overview