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D1.1 Design for vulnerable generations: a state of the art
D2.1 DEVICE training needs analysis
D2.2 DEVICE Competences portfolio
D3.1 Training plans for pilot educational programmes
D3.2 Pilot educational programmes
D3.3 Pilot educational programmes evaluation and curriculum framework
D4.1 Database of research results
D4.2 DEVICE vulnerable generation compliant award
D4.3 DEVICE transferability report
D5.1 Quality Manual
D5.2 Quality Assurance Report
D6.1 Initial exploitation and sustainability plan
D6.2 Final exploitation and sustainability plan
D7.1 Dissemination Plan
D7.2 DEVICE 2.0 Web environment
D7.3 Dissemination material
D7.4 Final Conference
D7.5 Design for vulnerable generations - (Annex)
D8.1 Partners Agreement
D8.2 Online collaboration tools

News and Events

  • Extended deadline for ID&A special issue!
    [05.28.2014] The deadline to submit a paper on ID&A special issue  on   "Design for children and older people - Educating the Next Generation of Designers" has been extended ...
    [02.22.2014] The first prize winner of DEVICE BEST PRACTISE AWARD  for design targeted at vulnerable generations - children and elderly people  is ” Developmentally Situated Des...
  • IDC2014 Workshop: Curriculum or Not
    [03.03.2014] IDC2014 Workshop: Curriculum or Not – Show Us How You Teach Interaction Design and Children!  The workshop will be held during Interaction Design and Children 2014 confe...

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DEsign for Vulnerable generatIons: Children and Elderly